DEALING PRICE has dropped in JPN, due to COVID-19☸! It’s high time to buy Japanese Used Motor Vehicles from!!

Situation Has Totally Changed!

Dealing Opportunities has been losing in Japan, because of COVID-19, since Nation-wide state of Emergency announced by G.O.Japan. Current Market has changed to Selling from Buying.

In January, Japanese Used car distribution market started c.y. 2020 with recovering from struggling sales accusing 2019’s raise of consumption tax rate (10 % from 8 %).

The market had been stable until beginning or middle of May, however, since infected person of COVID-19 boosted, and GOJ announced nation-wide state of Emergency, Dealing Rate (number of dealing / number of car applying to sell * 100) has dropped in every auto auction nation-widely.

Buyers don’t want to buy cars since they thought consumer couldn’t afford to buy cars, and also  sellers don’t want to sell them with low profit. That results dealing rate decreasing allover Japan.

Current Situation has changed to “Seller’s Market” from “Buyer’s Market”, which is expected that dealing price will keep on edging lower.

We, Can Go International, Co., Ltd., expect that the dealing price of used car will keep on edging lower for another 2 or 3 month from May, 2020, as Japan’s Domestic Economy (including unemployment rate, individual / company /social investment, output of domestic production, and so on) will not be expected to recover so quickly.

In other word, Situation, that we can buy used motor vehicles with cheaper price, will continue for several month! 


It Must Be a Good Opportunity to Buy Japanese Used Motor Vehicles with CHEAPER PRICE, at the moment!

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