From this site of “Signup”, please fill in the blanks on an application form with a sending button to apply to be a member of this site. ==>❏Signup
本サイトの”Signup”から、所定フォームに必要事項ご記入のうえ、送信ボタンで送信して下さい。→”Signup ■”


Within 48 hours from our receiving time by the transmission of your application above, we will answer you about the membership.


②Searching for a car in the Site, and Inquiry(サイトを見て、希望車種問合せ)

If you want to know more about a car, please send us a question or request, using “Contact Us” or “Inquiry” button, which is located on right side of every car.

Your message might include; “Is this car still not be sold?“,  “I want to know more detail about this car.“, “I want to buy this car immediately.“, “I want to talk to you directly about this car, using phone or LINE call.“, “I want you to search for other cars that I’m interested in.“, “I want to see more photos or movie, particularly defect or failure points.“…==>❏Contact us


When you click “GOOD” button, the car will be on your “favorite list”. The number, which shows you many people have ever pushed the “GOOD” button[ ].



③Buy It Now!(売買決定)

When you make decision to buy a vehicle, please click the “Buy It Now!”. ==>That vehicle will have been reserved for you, and the indication  of status will become “Sold” after that.
お気に入りの車の「Buy It Now!」ボタンを押す。→車両があなたのために予約され、それ以降表示は「Sold」となります。


We will issue a Proforma Invoice based on information of your personal first registration, and send it to you later on by Buyer’s BBS, which enables you and us to communicate exclusively afterwards.
その後、ユーザー登録時の情報を基に弊社がProforma Invoiceを発行し、専用の個別やりとりメールで貴社へ送付します。


In the case of C&F/CIF as a transaction condition, Ocean Freight and Insurance price will be fixed with the contract day or 1 day prior to that day, due to a price fluctuation.



You remit the entire amount to us using T.T. or PayPal within 5 days plus 1 hour (121 hours) from the record time when we transmitted you the Proforma Invoice.
貴社は、当社がProforma Invoiceを送信した記録時刻から5日+1時間(121時間)以内にT.T.またはPayPalで次の口座へ全額送金します。


→Bank Details / PayPal Detail=❏Company Profile
Please bear the service charge to affect a remittance in your company.


In case that you cancel the contract between that 121 hours (5 days plus 1 hour) mentioned above, you must pay the following cancellation fee.


From the time that Proforma Invoice is transmitted to you,
Proforma Invoice送信記録時刻から


within 24 hours 24時間以内  FOB×75%
within 48 hours 48時間以内  FOB×80%
within 74 hours 74時間以内  FOB×85%
within 96 hours 96時間以内  FOB×90%
within 120 hours 120時間以内  FOB×95%
121 hours or later 121時間以降  FOB×100%


⑤Booking of Freight and Gathering documents(ブッキング/書類準備開始)

After confirmation of receiving the entire amount of payment from you, we will immediately perform arrangements for Booking / Custom Clearance / Shipping / Gathering documents.
貴社からの入金確認後、弊社は直ちにBooking/Custom Clearance/Shipping/書類等の手配・手続を行います。


⑥We inform you ETD/ETA/ due date of documents sending.(ETD/ETA/書類送付予定日等をご連絡します)


⑦Sending the Documents(書類ご送付)

After the vessel departure, we (or our shipping agent) will send you the documents such as export certificate, export permit, BL, Invoice to you by EMS or DHL.
本船Departure後、弊社または弊社のShipping Agentより輸出抹消証、輸出許可証、BL、Invoice等をEMSやDHLで貴社へ送付します。


⑧You Receive the Car!(車両お引取り)

After arrival the car to port designated, please manage import procedure such as unload, custom clearance, duty payment and domestic transportation for your car.